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Drone Emergency Response Planning (DERP) - Course Study Guide

This study guide aligns with the Drone Emergency Response Planning (DERP) test, which should be completed subsequent to reviewing this study guide.


This course aims to impart fundamental knowledge in carrying out a Drone Emergency Response Plan (DERP) and is directly
linked to the foundations established in the Drone Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (DVRA) course.

This course is particularly beneficial for all security professionals either government or private sector operators responsible for a
comprehensive security program. It is designed for any business looking to incorporate the "air domain" into its security policies,
procedures, and operating protocols. The DERP will serve as the bedrock for your comprehensive drone risk mitigation strategy
and seamlessly integrate with your existing business security program. It will establish a framework for “response” and “action”
during a drone event. The course is designed to lay a solid foundation upon which you can further build.

Whether you are a government or private sector security professional or a business aiming to safeguard your operations from
drone-related risks, this course will provide you with the essential tools to enhance your security protocols in the evolving “air

Drone Emergency Response Planning (DERP) - Study Guide

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